State sector

For more than ten years NovaCard has been actively supplying social cards – helping to deliver a wide range of services in social and public services.

More than five million different types of social cards have been produced, ranging from medical insurance cards to transport passes. Linked to the payment systems of the largest Russian banks these are used in partnership with independent operators across more than twenty regions of the Russian Federation.

The multifunctional personal plastic card is a modern universal tool aimed at users of government services and the social benefits system. The built–in microprocessor and card graphics contain the required data of the cardholder, his personal data and convenient applications for identification, payment, transport, recording medical information etc. This type of card is convenient to use in all aspects of life. It increases the efficiency of rendering different services and social guarantees to people by the government.

NovaCard is participating in Federal plans for the production of electronic government cards for providing identification to access state information resources and for remote services to citizens.

For social projects we offer solutions to our clients based on contact, hybrid, dual and NFC-SIM-cards and carrying different applications depending on the purpose of the card: payment, transport, medical, housing and public utilities, campus, identification and others.

We offer:

  • Production of smart cards for the implementation of state and social programmes
  • Solutions of different levels of sophistication based on smart cards and NFC-SIM-cards
  • A unique wealth of experience in data exchange and process building
  • Personal data handling for personalisation
  • Personalisation of various social applications