NovaCards professional view at Mir

NovaCards professional view at Mir

3rd practical NSPK conference dedicated to payment scheme “Mir” development took place at Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow on 6 of November 2016. NovaCard took part as the conference partner.

Over 380 participants, among which representatives of NSPK, Central Bank, Mir-member banks, specialized vendor companies, processing organizations, and retail, have discussed the national payment scheme development and its technical and legal aspects.

Nowadays, Mir payment scheme brings together over 159 banks, both federal and local. Over 100 banks have already prepared equipment (fully or partially) for acquiring of Mir cards, and 53 banks are ready to start emission. The cards are accepted in over 1 mln ATMs and retail POS terminals.

NovaCard, who played an important role at national payment scheme Mir formation, reported to the conference visitors on its work results of 2016. Up to now, the company has produced over 2 mln Mir cards for 29 banks, proposing the broadest list of certified national payment card products.

Today, NovaCard serves approximately one half of Mir cards production. We are ready to make not smaller percentage of national cards at its mass emission which is expected at 2017 noted Vladimir Krupnov, director of NovaCard.
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