NovaCard demonstrated NFC solutions to the NFC Live 2016 Forum visitors

NovaCard demonstrated NFC solutions to the NFC Live 2016 Forum visitors

3rd international mobile contactless technologies forum NFC live Moscow 2016 welcomed each visitor with an NFC introduction. NovaCard had organized a simple and convenient way for the visitors and exhibitors to exchange their details by using contactless visitor cards with business card information stored on it. By touching contactless reader of an exhibitor, the visitor sent an email with his business card and received a confirmation with the exhibitor’s newsletter.

The forum proved itself as the largest in Russia event dedicated to mobile contactless payment technologies and NFC based solutions. This year there were over 300 participants: representing banks, retail, services and IT-companies. All the discussions were highly influenced by the recent releases of ApplePay and SamsungPay payment solutions in Russia. The speakers discussed possible scenarios of payments development, contactless technologies opportunities, and security of the above. Director of NovaCard, Vladimir Krupnov participated in discussion regarding “Mobile payments and payment market transformation”.

Another NovaCard representative, Andrey Rodionov, in his performance during session concerning contactless technologies, focused his attention on essentials, security of the new technologies. Mentioning long (over 20 years) NovaCards experience in smart-card production and personalization, Mr.Rodionov spoke about Mobile payments pilot. The project aimed to test in real life multifunctional bank cards stored on an NFC SIMs. The solution allowed to use smart phone for retail payment, ticketing in mass transit of Nizhny Novgorod and identity and access control at an educational entity.

Yuri Ryabikov, representing Sitycard (mass transit payment operator) shared his experience in practical usage of NFC at public transportation. He announced a few current trends in the technology development, these are: usage of multifunctional bank cards, popularity of online transit applications recharge through mobile devices, high range of form-factors for the cards, and availability of payment and service applications storage on NFC SIM-cards, noting that the storage can be done remotely, OTA.

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